Presdo Match Evolves: Improved Packages, Lower Prices

Presdo was founded on a simple mission: to build the most intuitive and elegant web and mobile applications that allow events to excel in organization, networking, and marketing. In relevant news, recent changes to Apple’s App Store guidelines have eliminated the ability of event app providers to offer a traditionally branded app experience. However, Presdo is able to continue publishing branded apps until December 15! Contact us now, at! Contact us now, at if you would like to have a branded app grandfathered into the App Store before time runs out! Once your »

Presdo’s five best ways to select an event app partner

There’s a lot to consider when navigating the abundant market of event apps. Whether you’re looking to find a provider for an event mobile app for the first time or window shopping and considering a new vendor, selecting an event app partner is a big deal. Every event is unique. Your dates, your location, your attendees, space, time, speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, goals and resources are just some of the variables that all come together to make your events special. Guess Who? Do you remember playing the childhood game “Guess Who”? In this guessing game each player asks yes »

Game changing “business card exchange” leads to better networking and post-event engagement

Presdo has long had a passion to enrich relationships around events to deliver greater event ROI. A few years ago, among all the relationship building features we envisioned for event apps including matchmaking, messaging, and meeting scheduling, we wanted a way for participants to exchange contact information effortlessly. Contact information is crucial since relationships are successfully nurtured long after events have ended. We looked at existing approaches for contact exchange such as QR codes and badge scanning and saw many opportunities to improve on them. At the time, the high-quality experience we wanted couldn’t be supported by the technology. »

How increased event ROI 10 times and what you can take away from it

On a recent flight home, I read a book telling the story of, “Behind the Cloud”, written by founder Marc Benioff. As many know, is one of the world’s most successful companies. Here in Silicon Valley, is known as a marketing and sales juggernaut because of its innovative marketing execution and well-honed sales culture. Among the many interesting stories the book shares about how the company grew from an idea to a multi-billion-dollar company, the stories I found most compelling were the ones about the importance of events to the company’ »

LinkedIn co-founder reflects on the Microsoft acquisition for the events industry

As a co-founder of LinkedIn, I received many congratulatory notes last Monday on the news that Microsoft was acquiring LinkedIn. When a small team of us started LinkedIn 13 years ago, our mission was straightforward—create an online network for the world’s professionals so they could find and maintain connections with each other. Four hundred thirty three million members later, this project reached an undeniably important milestone with the acquisition by Microsoft. Reid described the moment as a “re-founding” for LinkedIn. I am grateful to have been a part of it, and I want to congratulate all those who »