Presdo Match Evolves: Improved Packages, Lower Prices

Presdo was founded on a simple mission: to build the most intuitive and elegant web and mobile applications that allow events to excel in organization, networking, and marketing.

In relevant news, recent changes to Apple’s App Store guidelines have eliminated the ability of event app providers to offer a traditionally branded app experience. However,

Presdo is able to continue publishing branded apps until December 15! Contact us now, at!

Contact us now, at if you would like to have a branded app grandfathered into the App Store before time runs out! Once your app has been published into the App Store your organization will benefit long past the App Store changes prevent any future branded apps from being published.

In regards to a long-term solution, Presdo has kept ahead of these changes with enhancements to Presdo Match to allow event and sponsor branding to be more effective in the Presdo Match app while accommodating these changes.

Our Response:

What does this mean for our potential clients past December 15? There are more options, customization, and branding opportunities at Presdo Match! We not only offer new and revised Packages, but lower pricing.

To that end, we invite you to learn more about our app and web services and how we have enhanced event branding in Presdo Match:

We have also packaged our offers in more flexible ways. To see our new pricing for Presdo Match, visit:


Our Motivation:

Presdo Match has decided to restructure our packaging in response to years of experience and feedback that we have been receiving. While we have been considering these changes for some time, we saw this change from Apple as the perfect opportunity to announce a newer Presdo Match!

Past events have shown us that many of our clients deeply value the branding and sponsorship features our app provides. In consideration of our clients’ needs, Presdo saw an opportunity to better serve those needs by creating a Branding Package. This not only allows for clients to purchase a lower-priced package with specific branding and sponsorship features, but allows us to introduce an exciting new feature: in-app MatchAds. MatchAds will allow our clients to further their branding and sponsorship support by featuring images and text in specific locations within the mobile and web app.

Furthermore, the revisions to our Premium Package afforded an opportunity for Presdo to continue offering the incredible features that our Premium clients highly value, at a lower price; such as interactive maps and contact restrictions. These features have long been a priority for our clients that not only have specific branding and sponsorship needs, but a need to increase their organizational and networking options. Our Premium Package offers everything that our Branding Package offers and more!


One More Thing:

In the past, our clients have spoken highly of our ability to support their sponsors, facilitate the highest quality of networking, and assist their event organization. We have serviced a wide range of events; from large, multi-day trade shows such as The Society of Petroleum Engineers’ (SPE) Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE) with more than 10,000 participants
to smaller, high-level events like AITV’s half-day, invitation-only partner conference
While the App Store Guidelines have prompted explicit changes in our services, Presdo maintains its ability to offer the best mobile and web application for your event needs.

Evidently, we have Apple to thank for providing us another opportunity to continue impressing and building relationships with our clients. Join our growing community of clients & let us help you plan your next event!

With Warm Regards,
The Presdo Team.