Presdo Match is now freemium: rounding out the organizer experience

This week, we’re pleased to announce the release of the free version of our product, Presdo Match. There are no limits to the free version, whether by the size of event or the number of events.

Presdo has built a strong reputation with organizers by consistently delivering high engagement with our apps, ranging from 50 to 90% because of an exceptional user experience in our product. We are proud of these levels of engagement, since they are among the highest in the industry.

We want to continue empowering event organizers to bring the best experience to their events. Without cost and easier than ever to set up, Presdo Match is now available for organizers to use across more of their events.

The free version may be best suited for smaller events or where cost is a constraint. When you have larger events where a branded app, monetization opportunities, and customization are important, consider the premium version, which Presdo continues to offer.

In creating the free version, we set out to achieve three main goals with Presdo Match:

  • Easier organizer experience: In the last post, we wrote that it was important for event technology suppliers to be making things easier for organizers to focus on delivering fantastic experiences while working within tight constraints. While previously, they may have only been able to provide event apps for their largest events, organizers can now provide one for their other events when cost and time limitations. With the free version, events can now be set up and launched instantly. They can work at their own pace with our new success guide.

  • More engagement, bigger ROI: While event apps are a growing area of interest with organizers, it’s important to have a strong ROI story to continue investing in this technology. Presdo has gone to great lengths to build in purposeful monetization features. The product brings real returns, whether it’s the more than 200% ROI through Social Invites and sponsorships or getting attendees off the sidelines into the mix with powerful networking, matchmaking and meeting capabilities. With the free version, we want to open up these benefits to more organizers and events.

  • Raising the bar: We pride ourselves in the motto, “it can be better”. Today, event organizers may be searching for greater benefits from event apps beyond the well-tread event guide capabilities. We want to show the potential of what’s beyond. We’re confident that by experiencing the capabilities of the free version, organizers will see the potential of greater returns and new revenue streams with some of Presdo Match’s premium features such as MatchAds™ and MatchLeads™.

The free version of Presdo Match is the next step in our mission to extend the benefits of our product to more organizers and events. Sign up free for Presdo Match, and we look forward to helping you deliver the best attendee experience possible.