Presdo’s five best ways to select an event app partner

There’s a lot to consider when navigating the abundant market of event apps. Whether you’re looking to find a provider for an event mobile app for the first time or window shopping and considering a new vendor, selecting an event app partner is a big deal. Every event is unique. Your dates, your location, your attendees, space, time, speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, goals and resources are just some of the variables that all come together to make your events special.

Guess Who Game

Guess Who?

Do you remember playing the childhood game “Guess Who”? In this guessing game each player asks yes and no only questions to their opponent to help them eliminate candidates until only one is left. They ask things like “does your person have glasses” or “does your person have red hair”? Eventually, after asking all the right questions, it’s very clear that there could only be one right match. The winner tends to be the first who asks the most well crafted questions, allowing them to eliminate as many people early as possible to arrive at the best and only possible match the quickest.

Choosing your event app and partner is just like Guess Who. There’s already a best match for your unique event needs. But the trick is asking each vendor the right questions to help you eliminate all but the right match. In this way, you will know for sure you’ve arrived at the best possible match.

Well-crafted questions

What questions do you need to ask to be assured you will eliminate all of the wrong candidates and arrive at your best possible match? It’s one thing to have a great attendee experience. It’s another thing for the event app to be a great experience for you the planner as well. And after the event is over, how will you know whether the app hit all of the benchmarks you had hoped? These are all things to consider.

We’ve developed a checklist for you to use as a roadmap to lead you to the best app and partner for your unique event needs. As you come across vendors that do not meet many of their needs, you can begin to cross them off.

Here are the top five things to consider when narrowing your event app search:

1. Ease of use for the organizer with limited time and resources?

The app should be easy to setup with simple steps to go live. This should include options for integration and easy importing of registration data and attendee profile information. Rather than taking weeks or months to go live, setup should be doable in days or minutes. Once your app setup is ready, consider the ease of making changes with the content, such as updating the agenda and adding new attendees. You definitely don’t want additional headaches in the throes of an event.

2. Attendee engagement?

You can find an app to house all of your event information, sessions and maps, but what good is it if it has low engagement? Your event app needs to include true networking, social feeds, photos and messaging for a high level of attendee experience. After all, these are the kinds of social apps your attendees are used to using these days and expect to experience as part of events. Attaining engagement levels reaching 90% or beyond should be doable.

3. Cost?

You shouldn’t have to give up features and functionality because of cost. And you shouldn’t have to compromise between support and functionality to fit in your budget. When you partner with a vendor you should find out the support they provide. A great partner will work with you to advise on best practices but also cater to your unique event needs.

4. Reporting and longevity?

At the end of the day, you need clear metrics to show the success of your app investment. Sponsors may want to see data to know that their investment was worthwhile, and exhibitors may want to know how much their profile and materials were viewed by attendees. Your event app should provide simple and rich reporting that captures the KPI’s you need, setting you up to run even better events going forward.

5. Integration of additional features?

Your event app serves as a center of your engagement with attendees, where you may want to run surveys or conduct session Q&A. Good apps have these features built-in, but they also allow you to swap out existing functions when you have different tools you are accustomed to or have new tools you want to add. Look for opportunities to easily add the tools you want to the app.


Armed with these questions, you can always win when it comes to selecting the best event app and partner to make your events unique. It doesn’t have to be a difficult guessing game.