Presdo’s five best ways to select an event app partner

There’s a lot to consider when navigating the abundant market of event apps. Whether you’re looking to find a provider for an event mobile app for the first time or window shopping and considering a new vendor, selecting an event app partner is a big deal. Every event is unique. Your dates, your location, your attendees, space, time, speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, goals and resources are just some of the variables that all come together to make your events special. Guess Who? Do you remember playing the childhood game “Guess Who”? In this guessing game each player asks yes »

Game changing “business card exchange” leads to better networking and post-event engagement

Presdo has long had a passion to enrich relationships around events to deliver greater event ROI. A few years ago, among all the relationship building features we envisioned for event apps including matchmaking, messaging, and meeting scheduling, we wanted a way for participants to exchange contact information effortlessly. Contact information is crucial since relationships are successfully nurtured long after events have ended. We looked at existing approaches for contact exchange such as QR codes and badge scanning and saw many opportunities to improve on them. At the time, the high-quality experience we wanted couldn’t be supported by the technology. »

From event apps to “event relationship managers”

Ever since mobile event apps emerged in 2008 to enhance the printed event guide in a digital form, they have steadily evolved into sophisticated interactive mediums. Enabling organizers to engage attendees with dynamic content publishing, polling, and other communication features, event apps now facilitate interactions between sponsors and attendees and networking through LinkedIn profiles, in-app messaging, and face-to-face meetings. As event apps have become mainstream, organizers still struggle with low user downloads. Even the value of apps for events is being called into question. Some in the industry question if apps have reached their potential or if improvements will just »

Event app 2.0 - the next generation of event apps

As smartphones have permeated daily life, event organizers have taken advantage of them in the form of apps to add a powerful digital element to the event experience. Nowadays, the event app serves as a dependable workhorse, supplanting the printed event guide while boosting attendee engagement with alerts and surveys. While apps still differ in terms of overall ease-of-use, engagement levels, and cost, it is not difficult to find one that offers a set of common functions, be it agendas, maps, sponsor/exhibitor directories, social media links, or reporting capabilities. But as our other posts have noted, enterprising organizers are »

Presdo Match is now freemium: rounding out the organizer experience

This week, we’re pleased to announce the release of the free version of our product, Presdo Match. There are no limits to the free version, whether by the size of event or the number of events. Presdo has built a strong reputation with organizers by consistently delivering high engagement with our apps, ranging from 50 to 90% because of an exceptional user experience in our product. We are proud of these levels of engagement, since they are among the highest in the industry. We want to continue empowering event organizers to bring the best experience to their events. Without »