LinkedIn co-founder reflects on the Microsoft acquisition for the events industry

As a co-founder of LinkedIn, I received many congratulatory notes last Monday on the news that Microsoft was acquiring LinkedIn. When a small team of us started LinkedIn 13 years ago, our mission was straightforward—create an online network for the world’s professionals so they could find and maintain connections with each other. Four hundred thirty three million members later, this project reached an undeniably important milestone with the acquisition by Microsoft. Reid described the moment as a “re-founding” for LinkedIn. I am grateful to have been a part of it, and I want to congratulate all those who »

Boost ticket sales with social invites

For many event organizers, growing attendance and reducing attendee churn are two key metrics that are tracked for every event. As part of their marketing budget, organizers are looking at different ways to create incentives to help find new and interested potential attendees that are not already in their marketing database and to incentivize returning attendees. With social media, the concept of “social invites” brings an innovative approach to the traditional referral model. What is a social invite? In short, a social invite is a powered-up referral link that leverages an attendee’s social contacts via messages and updates on »

Presdo Match is now freemium: rounding out the organizer experience

This week, we’re pleased to announce the release of the free version of our product, Presdo Match. There are no limits to the free version, whether by the size of event or the number of events. Presdo has built a strong reputation with organizers by consistently delivering high engagement with our apps, ranging from 50 to 90% because of an exceptional user experience in our product. We are proud of these levels of engagement, since they are among the highest in the industry. We want to continue empowering event organizers to bring the best experience to their events. Without »